About KS - Kim International

K.S. Kim International Ltd. operates as part of the SK-Pharma group of companies. Its main areas of specialization are the registration process for pharmaceutical companies, creation of marketing strategies and maintaining distribution channels for pharmaceutical products in the Israeli market. A leading supplier of RX and OTC products, K.S. Kim aims to enhance the company's brand name and image by making the brand widely accessible in the given market through apt distribution channels. The company has a particular interest in the licensing of generics and the distribution of innovative products in the pharmaceutical field.

Over 40 exclusive agreements have been concluded between K.S. Kim and leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, resulting in the successful launch of most of the products under K.S. Kim's private label. The company's portfolio consists of major market players with a strong pipeline, as it continues to seek further channel opportunities.

Our professional team of medical representatives has extensive expertise in the entire hospital, as well as the retail, sector of the Israeli market. We cater to the complete marketing needs of Pharma companies which outfit to the private market, as well as to those targeting the hospital segment. In addition, the team is well-equipped and trained to handle government tenders.

We strive to promote the business of our clients through an approach focused on the creation of a solid market presence of the company's brand name, promoting the latest services and a never-ending assortment of best-selling and innovative products. From the back end, we partner with major participants in the pharmaceutical market who serve as our suppliers. Partnering with these big market players allows us to gain extensive knowledge of the workings of the market, while still working closely with our suppliers to attend to individual client needs. This is an important step toward upgrading the operation of the pharmacies and ensuring the adequate and timely availability of products.

In the competitive health care environment that they face today, pharmaceutical companies are faced with constant barriers against building a recallable brand name. To this end, K.S. Kim serves as an excellent partner for any manufacturer looking to penetrate the Israeli market.