K.S. Kim International is actively "in-licensing" innovative and generic products to complement and expand its product portfolio.
The company has a number of products with out-licensing possibilities for companies seeking an outstanding business opportunity.
The entire range of marketing needs of the pharmaceutical products under our care are seen to by the company, with services ranging from the initial launch of the product in the market place, registration legalities, marketing program design and promotional strategies, to end-phase logistics and distribution. K.S. Kim has two distinct business models: the first one catering to companies looking to earn licensing and sell products under K.S. Kim's brand name, and the second catering to companies who desire distribution in Israel under the partner's brand name. K.S. Kim can accommodate different types of partnership agreements through flexible work schemes, and adopts either of these models, depending on the client's requirements.
The experience acquired by our team through years of operation offers our clients a definitive edge over their competitors by ensuring a swift and highly positive takeoff in the market. A strong brand name together with a well-known company are the critical success factors which determine success in the field of pharmaceuticals. With our services, a significant market share is guaranteed.
K.S. Kim is committed to providing a partner service with the highest standards in the pharmaceutical industry. Our warehouses meet all regulatory requirements for the storage of pharmaceutical products, and excellent distribution practice is carried out with the utmost care and professionalism. A competent team of pharmacists, in collaboration with members of other departments of the company, handle all the various aspects of distribution to pharmacies and medical centers. They ensure adequate storage of goods, efficient transport, active sales in the pharmacies and hospitals, as well as catering to government tenders.
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