K.S. Kim International is dedicated to providing the best pharmaceutical products to anyone who may benefit from them, wherever they may live, regardless of race, religion or nationality.

As a leading pharmaceutical company,  K.S. Kim International has continued, and will always continue, to take advantage of any and all means in its quest to create and distribute more effective and affordable medications.

Life-saving medications, as well as those which improve quality of life, should be one of the basic and fundamental resources available freely around the globe.

For the Community

K.S. Kim International engages in communal projects in the various countries in which our products are sold.

We believe it is the responsibility of any large business enterprise to invest in the local community. Among the activities we support are:
            • identifying and sponsoring worthy volunteer work
            • actively participating in relief efforts to disaster-stricken areas
            • donating funds and initiating new charitable projects
            • assisting in the expansion of ongoing projects

and much more.

For a Better Life

As a multinational corporation, we view our world as a global village.
We believe that the way to create a better quality of life for all of us is to enhance the feeling of mutual responsibility, while instilling a sense of togetherness and sharing a mutual fate.